By degree, an interior designer. By practice, a woman of many …….parties.

January 20, 2010

I come from a family of nurses so when I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be, of course I said a nurse. When I was about 10 my mom told me that I needed to be something more creatively inclined. One day while I was watching HGTV, I saw a home design show and said, “Sure, I can do that”. Well, sure I can go to college for it, but will there be any jobs so that I can do it. Nope, and there started my predicament.

Shortly after graduating and moving to a new city, I realized that the economy was a scary place and not very welcoming to someone with my degree. It took me months to get a job and just a few more to lose it. I took a job in childcare making a lot less then what I should, but at least making something. This however left me feeling empty and useless. My only solace was with planning my wedding. I loved organizing, having a purpose, being able to still create something.

However, it could only last so long. Afterward, I felt a void. This coupled with the fact that everyone kept telling me how great I was with planning my wedding, I started down the path to become an event planner. I had always enjoyed planning get- togethers, and my pretend birthday parties. The only times that I feel a purpose is when I have a project……..whether it is baking or crafting. So, I am dedicating this blog to my foray into event planning, baking, crafting and decorating…..all the creative ventures in my life. Thanks for following my journey!