February 21, 2010

This weekend was the first birthday party for my baby at work and I was honored to make her cake. It was pink velvet with chocolate buttercream icing. Of course I had to make a little cake for the baby to destroy and she very nicely started by just eating the polka dots before she destroyed it with a spoon and her fingers.

The best thing about Valentine's day...chocolate

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! I had to bake something for the holiday so here is the chocolate truffle cheesecake that I made for my husband. Of course, we can not eat the whole thing, nor do we need to, so it will be going to work with him tomorrow. I love those people for taking all my leftover baking experiments!

An accordion valentine

February 8, 2010

I know that some people call Valentine's Day a greeting card holiday but I have always treated it as a holiday to celebrate all the people that I love. Last year I made these valentines that I found here at Martha Stewart's website. The hardest part was evenly folding the poster board, but other than that, it was quite easy and fun.

No-knit, no problem

This year for Christmas I made all of the presents that I gave people, including these scarves. I am not a knitter and when I found these no knit scarves, I knew that I had to try them. It is made with a series of knots, and is incredibly easy. The great thing about them is that I could personalize the color to what suited everyone best. You can find them here. I was not able to figure out the square knot but a regular double knot seemed to work just fine.

This is the one I made for myself.

This is Scarf Monster that I made with the remnants of all of the other scarves I had made for people. I am not sure if I can ever wear it so it has become like a character around our house.

Football and cupcakes! (yes they go together)

February 7, 2010

So I am a big football fan but mostly college. However, I love Peyton Manning (because he went to my college) and therefore, love the Colts. So to celebrate, I made some Colts Superbowl Sunday cupcakes for the party we are going to. Unfortunately the Colts lost but the cupcakes seemed to be a hit anyways.

Not only were they adorable but they were quite yummy. It was a brown sugar cupcake batter with chocolate chips and buttercream frosting.

Homemade Snow

February 2, 2010

Since I live in the south, we do not get much snow here in the winters. I am not asking for a lot, but just enough that I can be stuck all cozy in the house and everything can look pretty and white. I found this craft on Martha Stewart last year and made them to put up with our Christmas stuff. The nice thing is I can leave them up all season to remind myself that it really is winter, even if it is 60 degrees outside. I would love to build on what I have with more unique doily's and making the window look fuller but I had to use a lot of paper ones and only a few fabric. This is what I have for this year though.