Trusty Gal wedding: Stationery

May 13, 2010

I am finally getting around to start posting about my own wedding. I want to start with stationery since that is what most people see first when they are invited to a wedding.

I loved doing things myself but when I thought about doing my own invitations, it hurt me. The designing, and the printing are fine but it is the cutting and gluing that would kill me. I found a company on-line (that is no longer around) that I could send my design to and they would do the printing and cutting and let me do the assembly to save some money. I was so happy for this but even the assembly was rough so I am glad that is all I had to do.

Here are some amateur shots of the invitations.

I used the scroll pattern on most everything else for the wedding. It appears on our table runners, announcements, programs and the printed cards we laid on the tables asking people for any pictures from the wedding.

Guest Book
For our guest book I did two things. One was rather than having a book with 20 pages that people only end up writing on the first 3, I did a photo book of pictures of Ben and I and had people sign around our pictures. I love it! I look at it all the time and read the sweet and funny things people said. My favorite is my aunt Ann's ("Ann was here.....and the rest of the family").

This is the guest book with one of my invitations.

Here is my aunt Pam and cousin Katie flipping through the guest book. I love how they also seemed to match my wedding colors. That is fitting since Katie was one of the readers.

This is the first page of our guest book.

The other thing is something that is pretty popular now, the signature mat. I found kits for these at stores and on-line but I wanted one a bit bigger so I made it myself. Unfortunately it is still at my moms house (along with a lot of my wedding things) but I plan to put it over our bed or somewhere in our bedroom eventually.

I wish I could say that there is more to show for programs but there is not much to see. I did not want to pour a lot of time and money into something that most people would just be throwing away an hour later so I did something very simple. I still think they turned out beautifully. I found a simple metallic paper that would match the other colors in my wedding and printed the text in black.

Here is a program with the guest book and our invitation.

Here is the guest book table at the entrance of the church. You can see our guestbook, the programs and in the left corner are maps to the reception. Notice the fabulous table runner, the glass hurricane and the flowers? We will get to those later on. Stay tuned!!!

All the photos (except the ones of the invitations) were taken by J Henderson Studios.