Pom pom crazy!

June 28, 2010

What girl does not have some plain shirts and sweaters that she would love to spruce up. I came across this tutorial on-line a few weeks ago here and feverishly began making some of my own. I have a few shirts and cardigans that need a little something but I also think they will look quite fabulous on some of my purses and jackets. I have yet to try them out on anything but I know the possibilities are there.

I also made another kind of flower that I intend to turn into a broach but I will show you all these when I have decided exactly what to do with them. Stay tuned!

Chocolate chip cookie......bars!!!

June 26, 2010

So chocolate chip cookies in bar form have to be the best thing ever. I am a sucker for a chocolate chip cookies anyway so this is making them the texture of a brownie which is amazing. If I had to pick one sweet to eat for the rest of my life, this would probably be it. I made these for a deck party at my husband's office and was kind of excited about being able to munch on the leftovers that weekend. However, they were so popular that there were only a few left. Thank goodness we had to leave early because I do not think there would have been any left if we had stayed.

Grapefruit Cookies...never thought I would say that

June 11, 2010

This month for book club we read Nicholas Sparks "The Wedding". Not normally my literary style but it was cute. Our food theme was garden wedding so I made grapefruit icebox cookies. Pretty self explanatory, but like the lemon ice box cookies that most people know of, but with grapefruit. I got a lot of compliments on them so I am going to take it that everyone else thought that they were as good as I did.

I will be away on vacation for a week so this might be my last post for a bit. See you in a bit!!!!

Trusty Gal wedding: Bridesmaid Luncheon

June 6, 2010

The day before my wedding I wanted to have a luncheon to thank all of my bridesmaids and other helpers for everything they had done for me. It was held at the Applecake Tea Room which may look familiar because that is where we held my cousin Megan's bridal shower just a few months ago. This is the invitation I designed for the luncheon. They were in a soft pink envelope.

This was the perfect opportunity to get all my closest ladies together for some girl time before the big day. I gave everyone their gifts for helping me, which were monogrammed bags in their favorite colors and of course there were some goodies inside. This is not the best picture but you can see how cute the bags are.

A tradition that I heard about was doing a charm cake. You make a cake and either baked into the cake or placed underneath it are different charms attached to a ribbon. Each charm represents a fortune and each helper is to pull them out. I had ones in the cake that signified goodluck, wealth, marriage and babies, which is funny when I had some teenagers pulling these charms out. Here is a rough picture of the pumpkin spice cake I made.

Here is my baby sister, Lindsey pulling out her charm. They were kind of icky because they were covered in cake and glaze.

I was hoping my sister-in-law Liz would get the baby one.

Here is my mom, myself and my aunt Ann. Of course we can not take a serious picture in our family.

My new sisters, Liz and Becky. I joined a great family!

My maid of honor Megan, my aunt Pam and my mom.

A pretty good picture of my mom and I.

I wish I had better pictures that showed everyone there but the lighting is off or they are unflattering angles (Megan and Katie should thank me because there is a fabulously embarrassing one of them).