Smores Cupcakes- Attempt 1 and 2

August 31, 2010

I have been wanting to experiment with making Smores cupcakes for a while but I just did not have an occasion worth trying them for, until two weeks ago for my book club meeting. I decided to make a graham cracker cupcake with a dark chocolate ganache and then a toasted marshmallow on top. After some over filling with spillage, and a breakdown involving me crying in the kitchen floor, they turned out being fine but just did not say Smores to me. Well, my meeting got postponed and so I ended up taking them to a friends birthday cookout, I had a chance to try another method.

I ended up making a different graham cracker cupcake batter and filling the bottom of the liners and then making a chocolate batter for the top. I made milk chocolate ganache this time, a graham cracker crumble topping and toasted marshmallow to top it off again. I loved the way the cupcake itself turned out, but it still did not say Smores to me. This sounds like an ongoing experiment to me.