Trusty Gal wedding: Wedding Favors

September 19, 2010

Sorry for the long period between posts. I am taking a hiatus from baking and have not had much time for crafts so I had little inspiration to blog about. However, with the fall approaching and my anniversary coming up, I have plenty of wedding memories that continue to make me happy.

When Ben and I decided to get married in the fall the first thing I knew that we were doing was making spiced tea for our favors. My mother and I used to make it every year and give it away as Christmas presents to friends, teachers, and family. It was also so perfect considering our colors were orange and brown.
Now when I was younger, we would make one, maybe two batches but this required multiple. This had Ben and I buying all the ingredients in bulk except for Tang, which they no longer make in bulk. This really ticked off Ben and had him calling Kraft corporate to complain. It also took forever to make and while doing so, my 6 year old cousin Ally wanted to help which slowed us down a bit. In the end, I was more than pleased with the results. At the wedding, we had so many extras that we were sending guests home with multiple, and they were not complaining. We received rave reviews after the wedding. It is such a perfect drink for a nice crisp autumn day!

We had them placed on the tables around the centerpieces.

We also had them by the elevator so people could grab them there if they forgot them at their tables.

Just a close up of the back of the tag with the instructions.