Red velvet brownies, re-imagined

June 20, 2011

As I mentioned last week, I made some red velvet cream cheese swirled brownies from a recipe that I had found on-line. They were good but not perfect. So I decided to take my normal cream cheese brownie recipe and make it red velvet. Here are the results......

Ben and I both agree that these are better. I feel that if you are going to make anything chocolate, just adding cocoa powder is not the way to go. You have to have real chocolate, which these brownies do. It just gives them a richer and deeper taste. Definitely a winner recipe here.

Red velvet brownies, imagine that!

June 16, 2011

One day I was talking to Ben about what I wanted to try making and it hit me. One of my favorite things are cream cheese swirled brownies, how could I make that more interesting. Red velvet! All red velvet is, is a chocolate with a sour factor and dyed red. I scoured the internet and found a recipe that intrigued me. It is from Sunny Anderson on food network. I tried it the other day and have to say, that while it is very good, I am just not sure that red velvet is amazing anywhere other than a cake. This is also a result of us trying Ben & Jerry's red velvet cake ice cream and me being pretty lukewarm about it.

I am not saying that I will never make them again, they are really good. I think I might try tweaking the recipe a bit next time.

Strawberry lemonade pie

June 5, 2011

I was flipping through Martha Stewart's Living magazine and I ran across a recipe for a strawberry lemonade pie. I am not sure why, but since being pregnant, I am in love with citrus fruits (more so than before). It was not my magazine so I came home and searched for the recipe. I found this one on Pink and Green(s) Livin'. The only adjustments I made was that I was lazy and got a pre-made crust and I did not make the meringue on the top (I am just not a fan). I have planned on getting cool whip but that fell through. Here are some pics of mine when we had it at the beach. Lets just say, my dad started with one piece and had to have a second.