What to do with 200 Cake Dots?

August 31, 2011

I know I have been terrible with this blog for a while. It is not that I am not baking, I am just not baking anything that original lately. I promise I am going to start posting more crafts that I have been working on since getting pregnant and getting our house ready for the munchkin.

For now, I can show you the cake dots I took to the beach last month. For months, I was making cakes that I wanted to make cake dots out of, but not having the energy to do them. So I would bake the cake, make the balls and freeze them. My freezer was overloaded with over 300 of these unfinished cake balls. Going on vacation with 34 people I figured would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of them. From the comments I got, they were thoroughly enjoyed.

This is not how I would originally decorate most of these but I was going for a beachy feel. The two newest flavors are pineapple upside down cake dots at the top and strawberry at the bottom. The rest in between are cookies and cream, lime, chocolate, plain velvet, chocolate mint and chocolate peanut butter.

As for the two new flavors, the strawberry was a huge success but I am going to have to retweak the pineapple upside down ones if I want to try them again. Not sure how I will do that though.

After all of this, I was still left with about 130 chocolate cake dots. I will post later in the baby related posts what I did with these.