Pink Champage Cupcakes

February 13, 2012

For all holidays when I am deciding what to bake, I am torn between celebrating the themes of the holiday or the flavors. I have determined over the years that I am not the biggest fan of decorating baked goods, and would rather focus on the taste. For Valentine's Day, I had a few options to go with but narrowed it down to chocolate and champagne. I went with Pink Champagne cupcakes because I have been wanting to make them since my cousin Megan's wedding almost two years ago.

These are some really pretty pink cupcakes. I am pretty sure I got a little tipsy from licking the bowl.

Getting ready to make the frosting and decorate.

Pretty pink frosting

Here are some with the basic decor, some pink sanding sugar and candy pearls.

I added some red for Valentine's Day though.

I bought these wrappers a few years ago and finally used them.

All ready to be delivered to the hubby's work.

Here is my Valentine this year (well and the husband).