Irish Cupcakes- 3 ways

March 16, 2012

Look at the pretty field of shamrocks.

Okay not really. Like Valentines Day, I wanted to make something for St Patrick's Day that had the flavors of the holiday with a little bit of the look. I made Guiness Stout chocolate cupcakes, filled with Irish Whiskey chocolate ganache, topped with Bailey's Frosting. I pieced together the recipe from a couple different sites but they are linked correctly above. 

 I got to use my new cupcake plunger that my stepmom got me. That was so nice and easy!

Holey cupcakes

Filled with the ganache

Even though the cupcakes were not green, I had to make the frosting green. 

I would love to have done more decorating but like I have mentioned before, decorating is not my forte. They do taste pretty good and my kitchen still smells like Bailey's.