I am still here, are you?

June 29, 2012

I really do love this blog. I promise!

I have not actually stopped baking or crafting but since having Miller, it has been hard for me to get back in the swing of things. Recently I have had a resurgence in my creative energy but finding the time to blog about it while maintaining our family blog is just overwhelming. On top of the fact that I am not really sure how many people are actually reading either one of my blogs. It is not that I really care that the world is not standing in attention every time I publish a post and in between them they are waiting with bated breath (I am not that kind of gal), but it is such a hassle to take the pictures, edit them, and write the post, for no one to really be here to listen. I will never stop baking or crafting but it is hard to have the motivation to write a post about a project if there is no audience.  

I have so many ideas for this blog, it is just slow going right now. I am trying to get better at taking progress pictures of my projects so I can blog about them. I have been baking new things lately, cooking new dinner recipes, and starting new rentervation projects in our new house. That is lots of "new"! I hope you will stay tuned because I am going to try to improve things around here, most of all, getting the commenting working.

*It may be cheesy but there is a poll on the right. Please answer it if you are reading  this so I know if I should keep going or throw in the towel.