Future Blog Update

December 14, 2012

So yes, I have again neglected this blog but I have a good reason. Over the past year, I have started tackling new adventures besides just baking.

Ben got me a new camera for Christmas this year and I have taken up photography. I am no professional, just a hobbyist, but it is something that I want to share with others. I will be using this venue as a place to display my photos. I am sure there will be lots of pictures of Miller but I have done a few other shoots for others and there are some in the future (hopefully more).

Since Miller has been more active, I have been trying to do some activities with him. I believe that it is important for children to have unstructured play but by doing activities with him, I am helping him to learn other skills and exposing him to new things. I find the activities fun, except for the fact that most of  the time Miller is not impressed and only plays for a few moments. I have been blogging about them on my other blog but I decided to switch them to over here. Most of the activities, I have been inspired by others but I still like to blog about my own experience. It also holds me accountable to do them.

I will of course still be blogging about crafting and baking. Most of my posts for those have been on a blog that I contribute to, Wives Unscripted. I am going to try to post some over here.

I hope you all will keep following. Please be patient because I am working on a new layout, and I probably won't be back to blogging on here until that is done, which will be after the new year. Just stay tuned and I will return!